Man Saves Thirsty King Cobra Trapped In Fishnet

NewsflarePublished: January 24, 2019
Published: January 24, 2019

This may be one of the most jaw droppingly amazing videos you see not only today, but ever—but before you watch this absolutely incredible footage of a man rescuing a king cobra from a fishing net near a rice paddy in east India, we have to advise you: Do NOT try this at home! You should never ever ever attempt to touch or otherwise interact with a king cobra out in the wild unless you have the years of experience that the snake rescuer, Mirza Arif, featured in this video clearly has. And even then—it’s still probably not a great idea. Having said that, who can feel anything but delighted after seeing such a heart warming example of compassion in action? When villagers in the Bhadrak District, Odisha called Arif about a king cobra who’d become snared in a fishing net, Arif knew exactly what to do.

This video shows him first tenderly (albeit cautiously) offering the snake some water from a bottle. And, from the snake’s reaction, we’re guessing that he was on the brink of dying of thirst before this unbelievable human showed up to rescue him! Watching him take those first sweet sips makes this video worth the price of admission all on its own. Arif then (again, very carefully!) holds the serpent’s head with one hand and uses scissors to cut him free from the fishing net with the other, before Arif gingerly places the snake in a jar. We’re told that the cobra was later released into the forest a safe distance away from the villagers who’d gathered to watch this spectacle as it unfolded. It will be a VERY long time—if ever—before you see anything else again that’s quite like this video.

It has it all—heart pounding suspense, thrills, chills, a beautiful rescue story, and, best of all, a happy ending for all concerned. What more could you possibly be looking for in a two-minute video? We can’t think of a single thing that’s missing from this one, and we encourage you to hit that Play button without losing another second thinking about it. Definitely bookmark this one, because you know you’ll be trying to describe it to a friend at some point who flat out won’t believe that something like this could happen, much less be caught on video. Who says there isn’t enough kindness in the world?

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