Toddler Is Hilariously Unimpressed By New Baby Brother

StoryfulPublished: January 12, 2019
Published: January 12, 2019

This video shows us the moment with which more than one will feel identified, because we all once felt that our brother was "the favorite brother" or that he stole all the attention with his sweet face and aroma of baby. The idea of someone taking your place, is something that many do not like. Ella refuses to accept another baby into her family, she ignores her new little brother Coleman, the idea of a family photo does not please her. Ella's face is very funny because rarely can we see such an annoying baby. She is actually very annoyed!

In this video we can see how the excited family wants to capture the moment the baby arrives home, what better way than to take a picture with Coleman's older sister, but little Ella's response is not the most loving. She stays on the sidelines to barely carry her newborn brother in front of the cameras without being able to disguise her angry face, Come on little girl smiles a little!

A new baby in the family is a source of joy for everyone, although many times it is difficult for some children to accept the role of the older brother from one day to the next. After being the center of attention from birth, they may feel a little disconcerted and feel displaced by the simple arrival of a new baby at home, but they are simple exaggerations, because having a brother is not so bad after all, don't you think?

For those people who are fortunate enough to have a brother, they know that he can become your best accomplice and friend. They say that two heads think better than one, because mischief can be twice as witty and eloquent when you have that company of someone you can count on when it comes to playing. Kids mistakenly think their younger siblings can steal all the love and affection of their parents, but over time they realize that their siblings have been the best gift life has ever given them. Siblings have a special unique connection, one they can't have with any other member of the family, especially those who are twins. siblings are very understandable to each other and understand each other better than you think; surprising many by their different abilities and ability to communicate with each other, siblings are the best!

Do you have a brother whom you love very much? Sure you do! This reaction to seeing her brother for the first time is something that could be considered normal in some children, it is something transitory, it is a little jealousy that will disappear with the days, because babies as adorable as Coleman end up stealing everyone's heart, even if you are the most grumpy older brother of all. Hilarious!

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