Victoria Zoo Celebrates Birth of Endangered Pygmy-Possums

StoryfulNewsPublished: January 11, 2019
Published: January 11, 2019

The recent birth of seven critically endangered mountain pygmy-possums has been a cause for celebration by staff at Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria. Only around 2,000 of the pygmy-possums remain in the wild. Footage released on January 10 by the sanctuary, which is run by Zoos Victoria, shows the adorable little possum joeys being fed and cared for. The sanctuary’s reproductive biologist, Dr Marissa Parrott, described the arrival as a “breakthrough.” “We now have confidence that we can breed and care for these beautiful possums and have a successful toolkit in place if the situation in the wild worsens or there is a catastrophic event, like a major bushfire, in the future,” she said. Credit: Healesville Sanctuary via Storyful

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