MSNBC Denies Border Crisis & Hopes You Never See Their Video from 2017

Published January 10, 2019 546 Views

Rumble MSNBC Denies Border Crisis & Hopes You Never See Their Video from 2017 A major frustration among Americans is that the once-trusted news media seems to have entered the propaganda business. It used to be that reporters, well, reported facts without the spin. These days, however, it’s tough to tell the difference between the mainstream media and the Democratic Party’s communications wing. Case in point: Back in August 2017, MSNBC ran an in-depth report acknowledging that deadly drugs likes fentanyl were pouring across the southern border, and admitting that it was a crisis. “This draft report that you issued … recommends that Trump declare a national emergency,” Soboroff confirmed to former Democrat Rep. Patrick Kennedy, who agreed. Yes, even the left was on-board with tackling the cross-border drug problem less than two years ago. The MSNBC journalist then went on to mock the administration for using the word “crisis” when talking about the border. Here’s the reality: Everyone knows the border is broken. The same Democrats who are now squawking about Trump actually agreed with him for years, as dozens of videos show. The two-faced hypocrisy is to be expected from politicians, but is utterly unacceptable from the media. They don’t seem to be even hiding their bias anymore. For outlets like MSNBC to pretend that they are the gatekeepers of facts, yet lie through their teeth and play political games, is exactly why nobody trusts them.