Here's the Truth Behind Obama's Double-Digit National Emergencies

Published January 9, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Here's the Truth Behind Obama's Double-Digit National Emergencies The possibility has been floated that Trump may eventually bypass Congress to get the funds via the declaration of a “national emergency.” Declaring a “national emergency” on the southern U.S. border would activate certain presidential authorities as specified in the National Emergencies Act of 1974 Of course, most Democrats cried foul at the notion and dismissed Trump’s authority to do so as non-existent, and such a move would inevitably draw immediate legal challenges Trump would actually be on solid legal footing. He also would not be the only president to make use of the National Emergencies Act to do what Congress can’t or won’t do. Somewhat surprisingly, CNN actually helped make the case for Trump with an article that listed all of the national emergencies that have been declared since the law took effect As it turns out, there are currently 31 ongoing national emergencies over which the president wields certain authorities Former President Barack Obama, who declared 13 national emergencies, 11 of which continue to this day. Thus far, President Trump has declared three active and ongoing national emergencies. Obama utilized his Congressional-authorized national emergency powers to deal with problems in foreign nations, the bulk of which have proven ineffective and wasteful in terms of time and money. Trump, on the other hand, has hinted that he would use the national emergency powers to better defend our own nation The glaring difference between those priorities is quite telling — as is the staunch opposition to Trump’s doing so by Obama’s fellow Democrats.