Texas Woman Alleges Racial Profiling After Store Manager Accuses Sons of Shoplifting

StoryfulNewsPublished: January 9, 2019Updated: January 10, 201914 views
Published: January 9, 2019Updated: January 10, 2019

A woman’s Facebook Live video has gone viral after she accused a Mesquite, Texas, supermarket manager of racial profiling after he accused her teenage sons and nephew of shoplifting called the police on January 3. In the video, Ukiah Gilliam points the camera at the man, who blocks his face and then heads to another room. “They just came in the store to buy snacks,” she says. She claims that after the young men paid for their items, the manager called police. Later in the footage, officers can be seen speaking to the young men and telling them they are not allowed back into the store. When the manager is forced to come out and sign a police form, Gilliam begins to interact with the manager. “You can’t even look at these boys and apologize,” she said. The supermarket told local media that the employees had been removed from the store for an investigation and that corporate offices had contacted Gilliam to apologize. As of writing, the post had over 68,000 views on Facebook. Credit: Ukiah Gilliam via Storyful

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