Tucker Carlson Torches 'The View' with Scathing Fact Check

Published January 4, 2019 30 Views

Rumble Tucker Carlson Torches 'The View' with Scathing Fact Check Tucker Carlson has never had a problem speaking what’s on his mind and he’s unapologetic about that fact. “The View” has proven itself to be a cesspool of screeching and mean-spirited ladies masquerading as daytime television. On Wednesday, Carlson went on his Fox News show and lamented the dying dream of the American family in 2018. Tucker Carlson Tucker Carlson But of course, leftists latched onto Carlson’s words as some sort of attack on… something? Femininity? Women? Joy Behar, “The View” co-host Tucker Carlson Long story short, Carlson is 100 percent correct to say that the decline of the American family and all of the benefits that traditional family entails is due in no small part to economics. Leftists may not have wanted to hear actual facts and studies in the face of their lunacy, but their nonsense should still be put down at every juncture.

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