Age 5 Girl Burned Over 60% of Her Body After Setting Herself on Fire

Published January 4, 2019 208 Views

Rumble Age 5 Girl Burned Over 60% of Her Body After Setting Herself on Fire Don’t touch the stove. Don’t put things in outlets. Don’t run with scissors. These are all things that kids are warned not to do at some point. Another common one is “don’t play with matches.” Unsupervised kids and fire just do not mix. It was the day before Thanksgiving when one family from Indianapolis, Indiana, experienced a horror that most of us will never face. Amanda Robinson and Brian Bray were mortified when they got a call informing them that their 5-year-old daughter, Lillie, had accidentally set herself on fire. After swiping an abandoned Zippo from the kitchen, Lillie had headed upstairs to her room. She started setting toothpicks on fire, and dropped one onto her dress. Her uncle was home, and he was the one who saw her and smothered the fire with a blanket. Still, Lillie had sustained third- and fourth-degree burns on over 70% of her small body. Lillie was put into a medically induced coma so doctors could begin the painful and painstaking treatment. Though she will likely be going through many more skin grafts, she has already endured eight surgeries. She’s found a way to push through the pain, though: Singing along with Elsa while the nurses change her wraps. Members of the family have set up a GoFundMe for the young girl to try to give her parents some financial wiggle room.