Adorable Mom Cat Play with 4 Twins Kitties

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Rumble Adorable Mom Cat Play with 4 Twins Kitties , Adorable Cat Teach Her Kitties How to Climb up to The House , Best 4 Kitties Twins in Their 3rd Week Moving in Family Reunion for Cats , I Got FoFa My adorable cat 7 months ago , she got pregnant 2 month ago and delivered her twins kitties 2 weeks ago , they look adorable and got things from their father , One day they decided to go out the house to start the journey of life to look to food in the house while their Mom looking after them for Guidance and Help .

Cats life is so hard as they tend to look after her kids while they are kids till they grow up and start take care of themselves .
Cats in General are adorable for babies or small kids as they tend to play and have fun all the Time , It's better to provide healthy milk for small kitties at the beginning like children , some cats learn to eat normal food like bones , meat , chickens ....etc while other like to eat the organic food specially made for them .