Woman Cuts Off Three Feet Of Hair

Published December 26, 2018 147 Views $1.78 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesAnd yet again The-MakeOver-Guy didn't fail to surprise us with his impeccable skills. In this video clip, we can see a middle-aged lady come in with long approximately 4-5 feet curly wavy hair and is thinking of chopping them off. She is examined by the-makeover-guy and they are deciding over how much hair has to be cut and that's when another stylist joins them. That lady customer has strawberry blonde hair and apparently, even her brother has the same hair color.

For the next couple of seconds, we could see the stylists struggling and trying to figure out how to cut her long 3 feet hair and finally they put that hair into a loose braid and then simply chop the braid off from above. And there we have 3 feet of hair, completely gone off from her head. We could see the stylist elated with her work. Wonder how lighter the lady must have felt after pulling this stunt.

Then we could see the stylish hand over the lady her chopped off hair in a braid, basically her 3 feet long hair in the form of braid is handed to her and the lady amazed. She can't stop saying oh my god, oh my goodness. It seems like she loved what just happened to her and was surprised she didn't do it earlier. Then they take us to the shot when her hair color has changed from blonde to brunette more like a deeper shade of brown. She totally pulls off that color.

She looks far more mature and of age in this color. Must say great choice by the stylist. Now here not only has her hair color changed but we can see her in full fledge make up and all dolled up. The blush brings perfect color to her cheeks drastically and the eye makes could not look any better. A hint of rose gold highlighter of her high points really reflects light off her face and gives an impression of radiating face, the bronze did wonders too.

In the interview after her makeover is done, she says she feels delighted and airy. Further, she says her family is really gonna be surprised because for the past 20 years they have seen her in nothing but her long hair in her long braid.

She looks happy, amazed and excited all at the same time. The makeover she got was exactly the one she needed.

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