Adorable Moment Dog Unwraps Puppy For Christmas

Published December 26, 2018 12,959 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIn today’s video, we get to see an adorable golden retriever, and this cute dog just received the best Christmas gift ever. It is the best gift possible for a child or a dog. A puppy retriever. The video was shared by Neo Bye. Pooch Minnie, one, was given Parker, eight weeks, from her humans as an early Christmas gift on December 19. Minnie gets very anxious and frightened easily, so her owner, Nicolette Hall, 23, thought a fellow pup would get her to be more comfortable around others. The dog is ecstatic at the start of the footage. The puppy was kept in a cardboard box, and Minnie was already walking around it and sniffing it.

She was crying so loud during most of the clip. Nicolette, the owner of those dogs, opened the box halfway so Parker could stick out his head to meet the crowd. Minnie then proceeds to welcome the puppy with kisses and cuddles, still excited by the new member of this family, but still being careful not to hit him by accident.

Parker gets to leave the box and he is wandering around the house. Minnie is doing zoomies around Parker, while barking and crying, probably from the happiness of the situation. Her tail is wagging around really fast and she also walks in a weird way, her back legs seem to be shaking, it really emphasize how happy she is about the puppy. Parker first decides to go under a table to go sniff the owner’s shoes, still a little bit hesitant about where to go. Minnie passes by and start to play around with him. But as she has a lot of energy she starts running towards the living room and Parker does not sense fear anymore, and follows her.

While they run to the living room they play with each other, trying to bite each other (or lick each other as they are that adorable! ). The point of this early Christmas gift was for Minnie to feel more confident as she is rather timid. Parker has had the expected effect almost instantly. They look very confident with each other side by side and I am sure that they will grow up together, well, at least Parker will, but Minnie will just be getting older. We are sure that Winnie will have the role of the mom between them two.

Parker is already loving his four legged best friend and Minnie is having the best Christmas of her life. Nicolette had a good idea while getting a puppy for her dog. From what we can see in the video, Minnie is treated very well by her owner, the fact that they are aware of her personality and did their best to bring a solution to her needs is very adorable. Having two dogs is really demanding. It may be twice the amount of work but it is twice the amount of love, cuddles and good times as well !

What a cute family!

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