Christmas Comes Early As Parents Surprise Daughter With Shelter Dog She Was Caring For

Storyful Published December 21, 2018 16,963 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWhen this video begins, viewers will see a curious scene that will soon turn into a beautiful and heartwarming moment. It starts with a man holding a dog in front of a house. The dog has been dressed with Christmas reindeer antlers, and he and the man are waiting on the man’s daughter to come out of the front door of their home. The front door opens, and the man’s daughter appears in the doorway. The girl freezes as she sees her father with the brown dog, and she cannot believe what she sees in front of her. Viewers hear the girl’s shocked gasp and question as she tries to understand what is in front of her. To fully understand her shock and excitement, you must know a bit of back story:

This sweet young lady by the name of Hallee Fuqua has been asking for a dog of her own every Christmas for the last few years, but her parents told her she would have to wait until after she graduated college first. The animal lover volunteers at the Humane Society in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and she fell head over heels for a dog named Rambo.

While working at the shelter over the weekend of December 15, 2018, Hallee found out that Rambo had been adopted. She was heartbroken, but little did she know the surprise that was in store for her. Hallee’s father, Lance, worked with the shelter to make Hallee’s Christmas wish come true. The shelter helped her parents keep the adoption a secret, and on December 16th, they surprised her with the pooch.
When she finally comes outside, this sweet girl sees her beloved friend that she thought she would never see again. Rambo is obviously thrilled to see her as well. The two have a beautiful bond that every person should experience some time in their lifetime. Sometimes there is nothing more precious than a person’s bond with their best furry friend.

Humans and animals can have incredibly close bonds, just like this girl has with this adorable dog. Her hard work volunteering at her local shelter has paid off now that she finally has her very own best friend at home. Even better than that, now Rambo has a forever home. This precious dog has been waiting for a very long time to find this permanent home, just like millions of other dogs and cats all over the country. Shelter animals who are adopted can be the best pets, and many pet owners of shelter animals swear that their adopted pets are very different than those who were bred intentionally. Owners swear that their adopted pets seem to honestly be grateful and more lovable than some others who have not been through difficult situations.

Millions of shelter animals have incredibly difficult circumstances in their lives before they are rescued. Finding their forever home is all they want, and every single one of them deserves to find that special place where they fit in and have people that adore and love them!