Clash of the Christmas Titans: Inflatable Festive Decorations Duke It Out

Storyful Published December 17, 2018 4,034 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThe battle for Christmas has really begun, as Jenney Freeman can attest to. Mrs. Freeman was witness to a very unusual but comical scene that is truly hilarious.
People from all over seem to be fascinated by altercations, like when people start fighting in the middle of the road and things like that. When these situations happen, the reaction of spectators has often been described like this: It is like a train wreck; it’s not that you necessarily want it to happen, and you recognize that it is not a good thing, but you just cannot look away from it! The scene in this video certainly falls into that category.

Jenney Freeman luckily enough had the forward thinking to whip out her phone and catch this interaction on camera after she saw this wild scene on December 14 while at a local ATM. Stormy weather ploughing through the city streets in Brookings, Oregon, left the inflatable Christmas display along the Oregon Coast Highway fighting to stay on the ground. High winds knocked the decorations around, making it look as though two snowmen were brawling.

Millions of people every single year put great amounts of money and time and effort into their annual Christmas decorations. Therefore, it is heartbreaking when a terrible storm comes through your neighborhood and rips decorations up from the ground or wherever they have been placed. Bad weather can quickly ruin a beautiful holiday display. This can end up costing people hundreds of dollars for home outdoor displays, and it can cost businesses thousands of potential dollars for commercial outdoor displays.
When the video begins, several inflatables can be seen in the grassy area in front of a Taco Bell. It looks like there are two large inflatable snowmen from the left side of the camera view, one large inflatable polar bear with penguins on its back in the center of the grassy area, and one large inflatable red Santa sleigh on the far right toward the back of the grassy area closest to the building.

The terrible wind from the oncoming storm is battering the inflatables all around, and this is causing them to move back and forth. They are unable to remain standing vertically like they are made to do. The part that makes this video so funny is the fact that the two snowmen are being bounced back and forth on top of each other, and that makes it look like they are fighting! If this is the case, the snowman with the blue mittens and scarf seems to be the winner of the brawl. That particular snowman, which is the one of the right side, is on top of the other one almost the entire length of the video. The other snowman does not seem like he is holding his own all that well.

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