Teddy Bears Hanging From Car Repair Shop For 'Good Luck'

ViralPress Published December 12, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThis bizarre - and slightly creepy - car repair garage has dozens of CUDDLY TOYS hanging from trees to ward off evil spirits . The mechanic's shop in the Ratchada district of Bangkok, Thailand, has the teddy bears hanging from trees, signs, power cables and the roofs of the tin huts where workmen carry out repairs and services on vehicles. The owner believes that by fastening as many toys as possible to every available space, evil spirits and bud luck will be deterred from visiting. He said: ''I like to do this because I think it looks nice and makes people want to visit. The toys keep away the ghosts and bad spirits who will do something bad. I believe the teddy bears help to protect my business.'' Thai locals said that hanging old cuddly teddy bears around their business was not a known practice associated with Buddhism, the religion that 95 per cent of the country identify with. The owner added: ''I don't know anybody else who does this. It's my own belief.''