Protective Golden Retriever Prevents Puppy From Being Scolded By Owner

Newsflare Published December 10, 2018 12,082 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou have to see this funny video where a dog protects his puppy at all times. Obviously this dog knows that his puppy is too small to defend himself, so he protects him at all costs and tries to keep him away from his owner. It is quite common for dogs to try to protect their puppies at all times, but it seems that this dog has taken the role of protector very seriously. It seems that this Golden Retriever loves his puppy too much and fears something bad will happen to him while his owner scolds him. This dog really loves his puppy very much!

On December 7 in Yandai City, China, a Golden Retriever dog named Addie prevents his owner from scolding his puppy, so at all times he tries to keep the puppy away from its owner. As we can see parental love is present in all pets and animals. The man tries to scold the puppy on several occasions, but Addie always prevents the owner from getting too close to the puppy as he tries to put put the pup under his protection and makes sure it is safe, hiding it with his paws while giving it a hug. It is as if he were trying to say: “Get away from my puppy!”

This video shows that the eyes of the parents are the only ones capable of seeing their children as the most innocent little angels, although the kids might be mischievous just the same as this puppy. After having made mischief all over the house, biting the cushions and even the owner's shoes, it goes to his protector who defends it from the annoying human. This grumpy human doesn't understand that this is just a naughty baby, and even if it's just a drill to see Addie’s reaction, he gets very upset when his human wants to reprimand this little baby. Seeing this dog hugging the puppy is the most adorable thing you'll ever see. There are images loaded with tenderness, that show us that canines have many more emotions than we think, which are strongly tied to what they consider their family, whether their life partners, children or even humans, because many times we see dogs protecting their humans, something that shows that they care about the welfare of those they love.

Golden Retrievers are considered one of the best dogs to have as a pet, as it is proven that they are very loving and energetic dogs. Golden Retrievers usually have a very strong protective instinct, which makes them very good protectors of other pets and children in the house. Many people say that Golden Retrievers always do their best to protect those who need it most. For Golden Retrievers it is always a good time to play, but they also know when it is necessary to show a little character in some situations to defend their puppies, or simply when something does not please them at all, and as we see in the video, the dog does not like the way his owner speaks loud to his little puppy and tells him off, because he only knows how to give love to those around him. Very adorable!