Snake Slithers Into Police Station And Jumps Up At Man

Published December 10, 2018 29,114 Plays $10.89 earned

Rumble This is the hilarious moment a snake slithers into a police station - leaping up at a visitor sitting in the waiting room.

The man was reporting an incident at the station in northern Thailand, on Saturday (8/12) afternoon when the serpent scaled an uphill disabled ramp - then slid in through the open front door.

The dark black rat snake glided over to the man - who glanced down when it was just a few inches from him. The pair both panicked, and the snake reared up and jumped at the legs of the victim.

CCTV cameras from the station captured the incredible scene as the man, Apichat Cheautong, 45, began frantically stomping at the 6ft long aggressive reptile, which even wrapped itself around its victims ankles.

Apichat eventually managed to grasp the snake by its head and its tail as an officer walked out to the front desk after hearing the commotion.

Hilariously, Apichat even offered the policeman the snake - who flinched with fright and quickly waved him away towards the front door, where the snake was released into the bushes on the other side of the car park.

This goes to show that you can sometimes be completely unaware of your surroundings. Animals in our day-to-day lives live in the environment in which they are used to and when they slither into our environment, it can cause us to be scared. This man in the video seems extremely shocked but responds in the best way. Unfortunately, the snake is unpredictable and lunges toward him.

This man responds way better than most people would have by simply trying to stop the snake from attacking him. Unlike most people, this man also seems to know exactly what to do to calm the snake and to capture him.

The man looks completely stunned and looks for someone to show the snake to. The officer looks in disbelief and asks the man to remove the snake. For a second it looks like he thinks that the man brought the snake into the lobby but he quickly tells him that the snake came into the lobby on its own.

This video shows one thing for sure and that is that snakes sometimes do target people or go after them even when they are not provoked.

Snakes can be unpredictable and quite often we are surrounded by them and do not know it. It is extremely imperative for people to know a little bit about snakes such as the environment in which they live in and the things that they eat. Snakes live in certain environments but can be found anywhere. depending on the region or country, in some places snakes can be more prevalent than others. Some snakes live in certain environments and temperatures but one thing is for certain, snakes are everywhere.

Snakes are more likely to live in warmer environment because of their lack of temperature regulation. Snakes shed their skin which allows people to know that they are around but it is also important to know what types of snakes are around. Therefore, people are urged to learn about the snakes in their environment and know if those snakes are poisonous and dangerous to their family.