Mum Hears Her Late Husband’s Voice Coming From A Present

Published December 10, 2018 1,792 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis moving scene will make you value every second you are with your loved ones, since sometimes they have to leave early; leaving us a huge void in our hearts. Missing that person who spent a lifetime with you is something that only those who have gone through a similar situation can understand. This woman misses her husband, who passed away a few months ago, and in this video you will see the great surprise that she will receive from her children. Inside that simple box is a very special gift, made by his children, which we are sure that this woman will care for with all the love in the world and every time she misses her husband, she will embrace this special stuffed animal.

Christmas is a time in which the family union is very important. We like to spend those festive days with our loved ones and make some new memories. For this family, the reason that they don’t have such an important person by their side this Christmas, means they have become a little melancholic, however, that did not prevent giving their mother a Christmas gift that she will never forget.

We can see how her children turn on the camera to capture the moment when they give her the gift because their mother, after the recent loss of her husband, has been somewhat sad lately. Her children have noticed how much the absence of her partner has affected her and have decided to obtain a bear that has the voice of her husband, it is as if now her husband has reincarnated in a stuffed animal, which will repeat day by day how much he loves her.

Also, if she hugs the stuffed bear she can hear the heartbeat as if it someone were really inside the toy. What this stuffed teddy bear is saying, is the following: "'Hi honey it's me. I was just calling to tell you that I love you and I think you're gorgeous", evidently this surprise filled this woman with emotion and hearing her husband again has stirred up familiar feelings in her, so she wanted to embrace the bear tightly.

There are things in life that cannot be replaced, such as the warmth and company of a loved one. Although the loss of a person we love is so painful, let's not forget that the rest of our family is there to give us strength and make us feel better. That is exactly what her children wanted to do, and they chose the best holiday to do that.And it’s not just a regular bear toy but for this lady is something unique, something that will cherish forever.

They wanted their mother to remember her husband in a special way, for her and for all her children he was an incredible father and a magnificent husband. Rose Harvey, her daughter, explains that the loss of her father, which was five months ago, was due to the pulmonary hypertension he suffered. It wasn’t easy, it was something very difficult for the whole family and has left them devastated. Although they know that nothing can replace their father, they just want their mother to start feeling a bit better. This mom will always remember those words, the way he spoke and the tone of his voice. This bear will be a sweet reminder that she had a great husband and though the emptiness might never disappear, she will know that he would be always with her, locked in her heart.

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