Heroic Fishermen Rush to Save Man Trapped Following Car Crash

StoryfulNews Published December 6, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesA group of fishermen helped to save a man’s life after his car crashed outside a marina in Hernando Beach, Florida, on November 29. Kathryn Birren, the owner of Nature Coast Marina, shared this footage that was captured on security cameras at her premises. She told Storyful that fishermen employed by the company rushed to the scene after hearing a loud bang, and found a man, Andy Biggart, trapped inside. Biggart was conscious as the car caught fire but was unable to move, Birren told Storyful. “My daughter-in-law ran inside and grabbed a fire extinguisher,” she said. "At that point they were pulling at the door and started trying to put the fire out. “They were telling him he was going to be OK and keeping him calm. It was four minutes from the time of the accident until the fire department arrived,” she said. “They saved his life.” Biggart survived but suffered several broken bones and underwent a seven-hour surgery to save his life, according to a Go-Fund-Me page set up to help with medical costs. Credit: Kathryn Birren/Nature Coast Marina via Storyful