Police Disperse Student Protesters in Toulouse

StoryfulNews Published December 5, 2018 3 Plays

Rumble Police fired tear gas after student protesters near the center of Toulouse, France, caused a Christmas market to close and set fires on Wednesday, December 5. Nonetheless, the protests in Toulouse on Wednesday were relatively calm, Actu Toulouse reported. There were several confrontations between police and students at Place Wilson and security forces used tear gas to disperse the crowd after several arrests were made. However, the protests did not reach the level of violence seen Tuesday when students lit fires that caught buildings and clashed with security forces. Video from Place Wilson in Toulouse recorded Wednesday evening shows a small blaze and what appears to be a cloud of tear gas in the Place Wilson. Protesters seemed to have largely dispersed by the time the video was taken. Credit: Kéïzo Lebos via Storyful