Stray Sheep Shot After Causing Huge Disruptions to Traffic Near Perth

StoryfulNews Published December 5, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble A sheep that escaped a vehicle on the Kwinana Freeway near Perth, in Australia, disrupted freeway and train traffic for several hours on Wednesday, December 5, before being shot by a ranger and euthanized. Freeway and rail traffic was halted for over two hours as police chased the creature off the road and around the tracks. Trains were eventually allowed to proceed slowly as final attempts were made to capture the animal. It is not clear from where the animal escaped. Police ultimately cornered the sheep and shot it, causing controversy among those watching the events unfold online. According to 7 News, the animal was later euthanized. The City of Cockburn released a statement saying the decision to shoot was made “in consideration to public safety and the animal’s welfare.” This footage from the Kwinana Freeway shows the sheep running from a police officer attempting to capture it. Credit: Anthony Okely via Storyful