Firefighters Sing The Song 'Do They Know It's Christmas' To Raise Money For Charity

Published November 30, 2018 7,654 Plays

Rumble It’s the most beautiful time of the year! When people are in their best mood, buying presents, decorating trees telling people to be of good cheer. Parties are being hosted, celebrating life and happiness with friends and family, marshmallow being roasted by the warm fireplace and let’s be honest, it’s the happiest season of all!

Everybody appreciates a Christmas occasion by singing, dancing, gathering, and meeting with one another and enjoy the holiday season. And this firefighting unit decided to celebrate Christmas the best way possible, with a song.

They have released their version of Band Aid's iconic ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ – is hoping to top the charts this Christmas. The single from the band The Fire Tones, which was officially released on December 30, has received support from Band-Aid founders Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure as well as the seal of approval from PM Teresa May.

The person who organized this whole thing was a firefighter and veteran Chris Birdsell-Jones who is from Wales and hopes that they will make it to the top of the charts this Christmas and will spread the joy all around the world.

This song was recorded by a charity group with some music artist, and they were known as, and it has compelling lyrics.

The song talks about the world and the people who can’t celebrate Christmas due to the conditions that they are living while some people enjoy the hot cocoa in their warm homes. A song made to encourage people for charity and giving to the ones in need.

These firefighters decided to record this song and raise money for the Band Aid’s Charity Trust and also to help the Fire Fighter’s Charity. Their video was viewed more than 60.000 times on Youtube.

It appears this video and its cause have become more significant than its organizer, says Chris Birdsell-Jones.

“We could never have expected that what started as a small, local idea, would turn into something every national brigade and fire service would show its support to,” he said according to The Fire Fighter’s Charity Website.
They got the idea after having lunch with other firefighters in Welshpool in December last year in a local bar. “As we sat there everyone in the bar was singing along or tapping the bar, and it got me wondering if we could do something for charity. "It was a no-brainer to try and do a charity single - but when I said it out loud, everyone told me I was dreaming! "

It a great way to raise awareness and money for charities as this time of the year is the most important, and a lot of people can afford a Christmas tree, presents, a hot meal, and a warm home. Raising money and helping people is the best gift you can give to someone. This video is entirely emotional, and we hope that it will touch a lot of hearts and inspire people to help other people!