Family Is Having Fun With A Snoring Father-In-Law

Storyful Published November 29, 2018 25,052 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeFamily get-togethers can be so fun and have a lot of terrific moments. There is always lots of laughs and they are usually accompanied by some good food! Family members get to mingle with each other, maybe some haven’t seen each other for a while, so this is the perfect time to catch up with everybody. Holidays are some of the best times for the whole family to get together, and you will usually find an older member of the family sleeping or napping on the sofa before or after the big meal.

In this video, the father in law was caught snoozing during a family gathering. Unfortunately, he decided to take a nap on the couch in a house full of smartphone users! His nap and snoring was caught on video and then posted to social media for everyone to see and laugh. The father in law was caught snoring, with his mouth open. If you have been to a family gathering, for a holiday or a similar celebration, you are no stranger to this sight. One of your grandparents or parents, passed out on the couch, becoming the joke of the living room! No matter how many times you see this though, it remains funny!

The person behind the camera, Erica Gomes, decided to record her father in law taking a nap on the family couch. The video begins as she creeps up to the couch and you can already see the man lying on his back covered with a blanket and looking very comfortable. He must have been very tired! It seems like nothing is going to wake him up, as he is letting out snores with his head back and mouth open! As she films his face while he is sleeping, she pans the camera up to show two men standing at opposite sides of the room. These two men have rackets in their hands and they are playing imaginary tennis. They are hitting this imaginary ball back and forth in slow motion and are remain completely quiet. They are having some fun while the elderly man gets his rest. It is hilarious seeing them playing this invisible type of tennis as they don’t want to wake up the granny who is sound asleep on the sofa. Little did the man know, a full on tennis match was happening in the living room while he was sleeping!

The only sound you are able to hear is the man snoring that fits perfectly with the match, and the giggling of the woman and two men! The snores almost sound as if the ball is being hit back and forth, and it is hilarious seeing the guys move in slow motion to hit the imaginary ball, in cue with the sounds of the snores. Eventually, this whole situation becomes too much for the group to handle as they end up bursting out in laughter! It looks like this did not interrupt the man from his nap though! This seems like a very fun family gathering, we hope the man was able to finish up his nap peacefully!