Furniture Store Sets Up Living Area for Stray Dogs

Published November 27, 2018 414 Views $1.90 earned

Rumble Occurred on November, 2018 / Cantina, Sicily, Italy

Info from Licensor: "My reaction was of sheer amazement as this is not a common thing. People are drawn to the dogs and love engaging with them. The dogs receive daily food and pampering from Ikea employees and customers as they take shelter from the cold. Even a few dogs have found a family, finding forever homes with Ikea customers. In Sicily and in this case in Catania, the phenomenon of stray dogs, unfortunately, is widespread. This initiative was born as a response to the poisoning of some dogs who frequented the area of industrial Catania, where there is Ikea Catania. To this day, those who have done such a deplorable act are unknown. Ikea, however, has decided to react to this ugly tragedy by giving the strays of the industrial district a 'living room' inside the department store, with soft furniture, carpets, water, food and lots of love. The dogs are all very good and are accustomed to human contact and love to sleep there. To date, the initiative has moved everyone and has been appreciated by all, even the less animalistic people. To date, the slogan of Ikea Catania is that 'a perfect living room is where we find our four-legged friend to expect us at the end of the day."