Siblings Prank Their Father By Telling Him That They Will Microwave The Turkey

Caters_News Published November 22, 2018 2,014 Plays

Rumble Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate the joy together with your friends and family. It’s the most treasured holidays and traditions that signifies family, food, history fun and the most important the Thanksgiving dinner.

People gather their families on Thanksgiving, and they have the traditional menu, with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for dessert. But, of course, the essential part of the meal is the turkey. It’s a fantastic time of year, and what better way to make it even better and jolly by pranking someone? In this case, this sibling prank their father and this video are amazingly funny!

A brother and sister filmed the hilarious reaction of their dad after they pranked him by pretending they were going to MICROWAVE the Thanksgiving Turkey. Video footage captured by Frankie Fardette, 35, shows his dad, also Frank Fardette, on the phone to his daughter Stephanie, 25, who is suggesting rather than deep fry the turkey they should microwave it this year.

An angry Frank, 56, can be seen shouting into the phone ‘Steph for the seventh and eighth time you can’t cook a 25lb turkey in a microwave oven. We’re deep frying the turkey, and that’s how it’s going to be. Period.’ When Stephanie protests, he continues ‘okay well don’t expect me there. I won’t be coming.”

Their dad got so mad about microwaving the turkey, he started yelling, cursing and we said that he wouldn’t be coming to the Thanksgiving dinner. This video went so viral on the Internet that a lot of millennials decided to make the prank on their parents and ask them the question: “How long do I microwave a 25-pound turkey?”

Some of the feedback from their parents were hilarious called their children idiots, some parents told their children not to get married ever with that kind of thinking and some parents amusing too saying it would need three years to cook a 25-pound turkey.

Some kids shared their parents’ responses to the question, and they ranged from “haha so funny” to “call me now" to even “ Planning a big dinner and a trip to the ER?" Epic question from the kids but even more significant responses from the parents.

But, have you ever wondered, why do we eat this meal on Thanksgiving? Where does this tradition come from? The Pilgrims did not have a turkeyon the menu, but there were definitely turkeys in the Plymouth area. They were gathering what they called a ‘wildfowl’ which could have been a duck or goose.

It’s good to know something about the history of Thanksgiving history and traditions. If you didn’t know, The primary "Thanksgiving" was a three-day feast in early harvest time of 1621 at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, celebrated together by Pilgrims and Native Americans—Wampanoag is the name of the Native American clan that commended the principal Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims.

Did you try this prank on your parents? If you did, tell us their response in our comment section below.