Man Takes A Microwave Oven For A Walk On Lead

Caters_NewsPublished: November 16, 2018
Published: November 16, 2018

This is probably one of the strangest videos you'll ever see, because at first glance we won't find a logical reason for the scene you'll see below. When we talk about crazy videos and strange films, the last thing we would imagine would be a man dragging a microwave along the street, as if it were something totally normal. We would laugh out loud if this man intended to make an audience laugh, but he takes the matter very seriously; that attitude makes it a funny video, and to many, the image may seem disturbing.

This unusual video was filmed in Portugal by Joao Rodrigues, who was talking on the phone with his mother, without imagining that he would witness this crazy scene a few meters away from him. Totally disconcerted, he had to stop the call to catch this lunatic for a few seconds. According to Joao Rodrigues, he had already seen this man walking through this area carrying other objects, but he used to do it the right way until that day. Fearing to be discovered, Joao Rodrigues recorded the strange behavior of this man only for a few seconds, although, he claims that this man dragged the microwave through the street for quite some time. What madness!

Thinking of possible answers to this unusual attitude, several funny thoughts come to mind, such as that the man simply by mistake and by leading a life of hustle and bustle, mistakenly thought that he had taken his dog for a walk, but instead has taken the microwave. We can also consider the same example, but instead of walking a pet, one might have thought it was his son with a child harness on. What else could go through the mind of this guy to do this? Something as simple as his wife could have thrown him out on the street, to which he replied, "I'm going... but I'm taking my microwave". The anger of a possible discussion may have downplayed the importance in the way of bringing the microwave to its destination.

It will be difficult for Joao Rodrigues to forget that crazy incident, he would just like to have seen that scene on the Internet, instead of having seen it two meters away. The sound of the microwave rubbing against the ground still rings in his head, something that makes him laugh from time to time, but for just few seconds it leaves him thinking, just like all of us. No more assumptions! Let's just say the guy that day decided to act crazy, and do things his way. Very funny!

How would you react to seeing something like that on the street? Would it find it creepy or funny? If you think that the video is so strange and funny to share go ahead. It is possible that its protagonist might see himself and discover that he has been recorded, to what he could say: “Darn! How crazy am I?”. Maybe this video will be the funniest thing you'll see today. Who knows?

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