A Call to Charms: Adorable Toddler Has So Much to Talk About

Storyful Published November 8, 2018 2,113 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsA toddler has the most hilarious telephone conversation

This story of a three-year-old speaking to an imaginary person on the phone will have you in stitches. There is a reason why she has a YouTube channel called Crazy Daisy.

She is just hilarious! According to her father, Alan, she would often have pretended conversations with family members or her teachers and he would film her in the process.

However, one particular imaginary conversation has won the hearts of many. In the clip her father shared on her YouTube channel, Daisy pretends to be talking to her great nana and her cousin Hugo on the phone and she was acting like an adult spiritedly chatting away.

The video ran for a minute with a non-stop Daisy rambling on with her fake phone chat. Some of her words are unclear but she tells her grand nana, “I am very thirsty and I was hungry hand all like. Daddy keeps taking photos and it is very mad.” "I am like “do not do it, Daddy.

"And she said: 'Here I am!" "I am just going with myself. Do you know where I am going? I am going to the park."

Daisy’s hand gestures and facial expressions while speaking on the telephone are Adorable and priceless. She has several of them supporting her range of emotions.

She continues, 'I am just driving this, or no I am not, because all of that was Daddy, Daddy keeps taking photos."

At the end of her monologue, Daisy’s father asks her if she’s ready to go to which she responds by telling her nana, “We are just going!” Then she hung up.

Daisy’s channel has almost 300 subscribers to date and this particular clip earned more than 26,000 views.

Daisy’s theatrical inclination began as early as when she was three months old, the first time her father shared a video of her dancing on their window sill.

However, Alan still gets surprised whenever Daisy comes up with something crazy. He says he has no idea where Daisy learned her phone manner and where her ideas about going to the park came from. They had no plans of going to the park at all.

Alan is glad though that his daughter manages to put a smile on people’s faces. He assures fans there will be more videos of Daisy on her channel, he just has to wait for another time she strikes again.

There is no doubt that daddy’s little girl could have kept chatting for hours. What a cutie!