Veteran Great-Grandma Gets A Puppy Surprise For Her 96th Birthday

Published November 5, 2018 3,283 Plays

Rumble It is always great getting gifts, no matter how old you are! There is so much joy in receiving a new present and the surprise is always so awesome! Some of the best gifts come in the form of dogs and puppies, as they are the perfect companion! This video is a perfect example of a great doggy gift! The elderly woman was gifted a new puppy and is so excited about her new friend. Dogs are such a perfect gift because they are such good friends to have. They always provide good companionship and are so loving. There are so many cute dog videos online and this one is no different!

This woman is a World War II vet and just lost her service dog of 12 years. This is her 96th birthday and her family have a very special gift to her. Nadine is from Utah and her seeing eye dog passed away recently so she has been feeling kind of down. She has been wanting a new puppy since her dog died and her daughters finally gave in! The video begins as the family is giving her this special gift and she is definitely excited to see what she is getting!

They give her the little box and you wouldn’t even think there was a puppy hiding inside! There is a nice pink bow on it and Nadine lifts open the lid to see what is inside. The cute white puppy pokes its nose out and starts sniffing around! She sees the dog and instantly smiles, she must be so excited to see this dog. She is so happy she doesn’t even believe it at first. She even has to turn to her daughter and ask if the dog is really hers! This is such a cute moment. Nadine must be a real dog lover! The family all laughs when they hear Nadine ask that, and the daughter nods her head.

Nadine removes the rest of the lid and says she wants to take the dog out. She is so excited to get the dog out and holds it in her arms! This is the first time the rest of the family see the dog and they are all so excited for Nadine! This puppy is so cute and fluffy. The puppy, a Maltipoo, is so small and fits right in her hands. As her daughter hands her the puppy, Nadine is smiling from ear to ear! She gets to hold it and caress it and rubs her face against it. She must really miss her dog, and this new puppy, is the perfect gift to help Nadine. She is already in love with this new dog and she can’t wait to start making new memories with it. The family will have to help Nadine care for this puppy, since puppies can be a lot of hard work. No doubt this was an amazing birthday for Nadine and one she will remember for a long time. We hope Nadine has many great moments with her new puppy!