Rescued Orangutan Becomes Surrogate Mother to Orphaned Infant

StoryfulNewsPublished: October 30, 2018
Published: October 30, 2018

An orangutan saved by International Animal Rescue repaid that kindness shown to her by becoming a surrogate mother to an orphaned infant. The organization shared this video and photos of Monti and Anggun on October 29, writing: “After losing her mother, little Anggun was too young to be alone and in desperate need of a mother figure to guide her through the early stages of her life.” Monti was allowed access to Anggun after some careful observation, and “was quick to sweep this tiny baby into her loving arms and provide the comfort and care this baby was desperate for.” The rescued adult is already teaching Anggun important skills, such as opening coconuts, and is on hand to comfort the infant when she cries. Credit: International Animal Rescue via Storyful

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