Toddler Hugs Stranger After Recognizing They Both Have Limb Differences

Published October 29, 2018 76,747 Plays

Rumble This is definitely a wonderful video that we put into the ever- changing “feel good video” category. While watching this video, you will see a one-year-old adorable toddler giving a bear hug and a fist-bump to a stranger after recognizing the fact that they both have limb differences. Prepare yourself for this beautiful, heart melting moment.

The precious child who is featured in this video is Joseph Tidd. He is from Orlando, Florida. This video content features the moment of Joseph’s reaction after meeting someone just like him who was also missing part of their limb. He was born with a condition called Symbrachydactyly. Most people are not familiar with this disorder or have possibly never heard of it at all. This is a congenital defect that is extremely rare. It is a birth defect that is completely unpreventable when it does occur, unfortunately. This is not caused by anything that did or did not happen during pregnancy that would be of any fault of the mother. While it can be devastating news for a new parent of any child, parents must remember that they did not in any way cause this defect.

This happens when parts of a child’s body in the mother’s womb does not get enough blood flow. Therefore, the hand does not develop normally. This can have varying results, including webbed fingers or hands, and sometimes it results in missing appendages. In Joseph’s case, he was born with no hand. That does not slow him down, though!

As Joseph shows the world in his everyday life, this is not a death sentence, and this does not make the child any less special or any less capable. He can still learn to do anything another child can do. Sometimes the challenges people face in their lives are not something that can be easily spotted or seen right off the bat, and sometimes it is; either way, though, obstacles in life do not defeat you, and you can use these obstacles to become stronger and better as a person.

The child in this video shows viewers just that. He has an incredible personality that exudes joy and happiness. He is unbelievably strong, and this will bode well for him as he grows up to be an extraordinary man. This beautiful, blonde-haired child melts the hearts of all of the people around him when he embraces the woman on the video. His face lights up when he sees that she also has the same defect that he has. He is so young and so little, but he still recognizes that he is a little different physically than most of the people he encounters on a daily basis. Perhaps this is why he is so happy when he meets his new friend. She seems to be quite delighted as well upon meeting this incredibly little soul.

Hopefully, viewers will get to see more of this child’s journey through life in the future. We will all be on the lookout for more videos!


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