Dog Fails To Make Friends With A Seal On A Beach

Published October 29, 2018 231,741 Plays

Rumble Dogs make the best of pets! They lay lavish entertainment, and they provide us with so many different things. Different breeds act certain ways and there is a dog suitable for every person! Cool dogs are very popular on the Internet! There are tons of videos based on dogs being cute and playful. Often, you can spend hours searching up dog videos online and see all the crazy and funny things they do! Dogs offer everything a person can want out of a pet, which is why they are considered a man’s best friend.

Some of the best videos with dogs are those where dogs interact with other animals or pets. You often see dogs being friendly with other types of animal, and they can mingle with animals of all types. They can interact with other household pets like cats and birds, or even with more interesting animals. Dogs are so friendly and curious which makes them compatible with a lot of other animals. You can search online and see dogs playing with bears, or maybe goats, and small lion cubs. One animal you probably wouldn’t expect is a seal!

Obviously, seals are water animals for the most part, and dogs are on land so you wouldn’t think their paths will ever cross. In this video, this funny dog tries to befriend a seal in the water. It is definitely very interesting to see how the curious dog swims towards the seal but unfortunately the seal wasn’t having any of it! Maybe the seal isn’t as friendly as this dog! The video is taken in Australia, where a Golden Retriever tries to build a friendly relationship with a seal. There is a beach in South Australia, called Glenelg Beach. This dog was at the beach in the water and spotted a seal nearby Someone decided to film the interaction between the two animals. The Golden Retriever slowly paddles out to the seal and is getting closer and closer!

Golden Retrievers are known for being especially friendly, so this dog must have been very excited to meet a new friend. Who knows, it might have been its first time ever seeing a seal and was probably very intrigued. As the dog is paddling closer and closer, the seal is probably wondering what in the world is that paddling towards it. In all likelihood, this might have been the first time either animal has been introduced to each other. The seal slowly starts to turn away from the dog as it gets closer and closer. The second the dog is next to the seal, he seal does a flip and jets across the water away from the Golden Retriever. The dog must have been heartbroken, he was just denied a friendship! The seal was most likely a little spooked and scared and instead of putting itself in a danger, it might have thought that zooming away is a great idea! Unfortunately, the Golden Retriever didn’t make any new aquatic friends while at the beach that day, but hopefully it will have luck in the future. This is a nice and funny video, hopefully these two will cross their paths again!