Owl Flies Through People’s Legs Who Are Just A Foot Apart

Published October 29, 2018 10,016 Plays

Rumble It is quite amazing seeing the things that animals can do with enough training! You have probably seen many video of animals being able to do different tricks. Some of the tricks that animals can learn are down right amazing, and take a lot of effort and patience to teach. Animals are very spectacular, you can see how much they are capable of just by looking at different animal competitions. There are dog shows which showcase the things dogs can do, there are horse shows, and even things for different bird species.

The bird in this video is definitely capable of some very interesting tricks, too. This owl is about to show its flying ability to two lucky volunteers! After this video, you will definitely be amazed by the wild things animals are capable of doing. Owl tricks are something that can’t be seen every day, but this is pretty amazing!

As the video begins two volunteers are standing shoulder to shoulder next to each other. The two volunteers, Ken and Gemma, are standing so close together. There is about a foot of space between their legs, and that is it. They are somewhere in the woods and across them we can spot the owl. The owl is waiting on a branch, looking for the go ahead to perform! Spotted owls are pretty big so this makes the trick even more amazing. There is a man standing behind the two volunteers and he is most likely the trainer or its owner. He is wearing a raptor glove so that the owl can land. Raptor gloves are very common when dealing with birds with long claws. Most commonly seen when dealing with eagles and hawks, these gloves are made of some very strong leather. This leather protects the person from the sharp claws, and allows a safe landing spot for the bird.

The man places his arm with the glove behind the space that the volunteer’s have made with their legs. This glove and a landing spot is in perfect view for the owl that is still perched on its branch a good distance away! The trainer twists his arm back and forth, and the signal to the owl has just been given. This video offers us a clear footage of the owl doing its trick since there is a slow motion effect which makes the whole picture even more clear. This owl must have been going pretty fast so it is good to see it how it slowing down.

After the signal is given, the owl takes off from the branch and flies directly toward the volunteer. Imagine how scary that might be! A big owl with big claws coming right your direction, but thankfully, this owl was trained well! The owl gets closer and closer and you can see how it fully expands its wings. You must be thinking that there is no way this owl fits through their legs with that wingspan. Well, as the owl approaches the gap, its torso goes forward and slides through, and then the wings follow behind! As it lands it is given its treat which was the whole motivation behind the trick! This owl definitely has some serious skills!