Footage Of Proximity Speed Flying In Kronplatz, Italy

Published October 28, 2018 13,067 Views $99.62 earned

Rumble / Extreme SportsProximity speed flying is a crazy action sport. You’d have to be a complete daredevil to even try this at all. Basically, you have a small parachute and it is like paragliding but you are doing it along slopes and pretty much touching the ground with your feet. You get some great speeds and you have to bend your legs so you don’t hit them on the ground as you race past them. It can be very dangerous if you aren’t trained and you are not cautious.

This video shows some awesome footage of a man’s speed flying and you can see some great scenery and some cool footage. He truly is a daredevil and he must love the rush he gets while zooming through the air!

The man starts at the top of the mountain and gets a running start. This is necessary to get going fast and get that parachute filled with air so you glide nice and fast. He goes down the mountain crouching his legs as he goes over some dirt and grass. You can see his shadow how close it is getting to the ground. This must be so exhilarating. The man is using two different cameras, one on him, and another behind him. Both offer great footage, but the one behind him is so amazing, it is like he has a camera crew following him for these jumps. You don't see this view too often, usually it is the GoPro on the helmet, so it is nice to see 2 angles!

The man soars over the grass and through trees as he skims across the grass. His feet actually slightly graze the grass as he flies over. He is going so fast, his blood must be pumping even faster! His camera view changes to the one behind him and you can see his whole surroundings. What a beautiful day to go speed flying! It looks like his backpack is scraping the floor as if he is being dragged. This could be dangerous but it seems like it is just close enough to the ground that nothing will happen, but you are feeling the rush! You can see him tugging on the sides of the parachute so he can guide himself through the trees! This seems like the perfect spot for speed flying.

These slopes are located in Kronplatz, which is a mountain in Italy. It can also be used for skiing but it seems like this man went during a more sunnier and less snowy time! The man even barely grazes over a building or house! What a sight to see if you were just coming out of your house to see a flying man glide past you!

He continues to travel down the slopes passing all the trees and narrowly avoiding the ground. It seems like a sport you definitely have to practice and get comfortable in, definitely can’t be scared when flying down. This was a great video showing off his skills, in fact, it could be a nice tour video for the slopes. This is a great watch for any adrenaline lover and daredevil enthusiast!