Mini Queen Fan Belts Out Bohemian Rhapsody

Published October 26, 2018 106,426 Plays

Rumble Caters news has the pleasure to present us the clip of today! “Don’t stop me now” ! Mini queen fan belts out Bohemian Rhapsody in this hilarious video. The footage was filmed by Harriet Whitehead. Meet the mini Freddie Mercury fan who loves nothing more than belting out Bohemian Rhapsody – and don’t get us wrong, even if she is quite young she knows all the words. This video was recorded by this girl’s mom, while they were in the car, probably parked somewhere about to go do something. But whatever they had to be doing could wait as the toddler decided to rock the song. Even her sibling can be heard a little bit during the singing of the girl. Even if she is only three years old, she shows she’s got a kind of magic as she’s filmed singing the Queen hit and headbanging when the guitar kicks in. The mom of this cute princess is called Charlene McMahon and she is 27.

The whole situation seems like it is a habit for the girl to sing in the car whenever they go somewhere. The little girl is seen singing at the back of the car, but the way she does it, suggest that it is not the first time. She is not scared or intimidated by the camera and she is looking around in the car, by the window or she is even playing with something that looks like a tiny book. This doesn’t mean she is not into the song, it is the exact opposite, but as she knows it by heart she can be a little bit more dissipated during this improved rehearsal. At one point during the footage, the little princess is hit by the most unpleasant thing someone could experience while singing, a loss of memory. She seemed so concentrated to remember the lyrics. Her mom gave her a little bit of time before telling her the first two words, which helped her with the lyrics.

The ending is what makes this video amazing! She bangs her little head at the end as she starts to sing louder and louder, and she is really having a blast while doing this. As she finishes the song she looks back at her mom waiting for an approval. Her mom then tells her that the whole performance was very good and the video ends there.

If you are a fan of this song you will probably melt in font of this clip as this future star sings the whole song without messing up the lyrics (except the episode when she forgot what came next). She also knows the flow of the song and the different intonation, she does a complete reenactment of this classic, and at such a young age. We are extremely lucky to have been able to witness this kid’s singing really well for her young age. Don’t forget to teach your kids what good music sounds like and always let them practice, so they can be as good as this girl someday!