Compilation Of Kids Making Cunning Excuses Before Going To Bed

Published October 25, 2018 921 Plays

Rumble “It is bedtime,” is something that kids don’t want to listen when it’s time for bed, it sounds so harsh to them as if the parents sentence them to prison for life. When they hear these words, they become crafty in all unimaginable ways to delay or avoid going to bed. It is hilarious to watch this video as these kids demonstrate all kinds of tricks, excuses and rationalizations, haggling and negotiating, setting conditions and pre-sleeping ceremonials. Some may start crying and start being irritable and everything is a trigger for tears that start rolling down their cheeks.

All parents and caregivers can relate to at least one of these kids’ attempt to evade going to sleep. Once kids learn how to explore their surroundings, play with gadgets, watch their favorite YouTube videos, it would require one to triple his or her patience when making kids go to bed. Why do kids refuse to go to bed? There are more reasons than the fingers can count. Some of the common reason is that they are so focused on the gadgets they use or they are doing something that they really like and they do not want to get interrupted. On the other hand, there are some kids who exert efforts to stay awake at night with the thought that this is the only time that they can be with their parents or caregivers. This especially holds true to those children whose parents are working the all day long. Other kids just have much energy to spend, so they are still very active when bedtime comes.

Sometimes it is cute and amusing to hear their rationalizations and their accusations. Nonetheless, when the ceremonial pre-sleeping rites become more frequent and last for over thirty minutes, the situation is causing fatigue and stress to parents. What are some smart parenting techniques to implement when the situation calls for correcting certain behaviors?

The trick is to think about ways on how to make the child tired but calm when it is already bedtime. Many kids these days do not have physical activities that will exhaust their energies. Make sure though that they are tired but not agitated. The physical exertion must be appropriate to their age so that they will not feel tired and tensed.

Some parents say that they give their kids a quick and calming bath before bedtime. Added to this, they will be using shampoo or bath soaps with calming scents like chamomile or lavender. Smelling these scents is soothing and calming. Feeling fresh and relaxed, the kid will spontaneously fall asleep.

The lighting in the room is also a factor to consider. If the room is brightly illuminated, the child may refuse to sleep. These days, chandeliers and house lights designs available on the market have lighting mode controls so that you can dim the lights with just a click. This is particularly a clever option for parents whose kids refuse to have the lights off when they want to go to sleep. Parents can still induce their kids to fall asleep by transitioning from bright to dim slowly so that the child will not complain about the lights going off. Sleeping is very important for growth. Kids need to sleep well.


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