Caretaker Struggles To Give Bath To A Playful Tiger

Published October 25, 2018 12,905 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsLook around online and you can find a video for everything you are looking for. There are instructional videos, informational videos, funny videos, and cute videos. Most people go online searching for something and end up watching related videos for hours. One of the most searched videos online is always animal-based. Animals and pets are something pretty much all humans are familiar with, so it makes sense they are the focus of many videos. There are tons of videos online about every subject, but few are as universal as a cute animal playing around. Sure, there are videos about space and things like that, but not everyone knows about space. People want to watch what they can relate to, so furry animals are always a good choice.

Lots of these animal videos are of cute pets you might see in your household. You might find a couple of funny dog videos, some cats playing around, and some birds singing. The videos that are really amazing are the ones about the animals that aren’t quite so common. In these videos the main stars are mostly animals that you might only find in the wild or at the zoo. That brings us to this video right here. This video shows off a beautiful white tiger that is getting a nice washing while wanting to play! This tiger is such an amazing and huge creature. We hope it is a friendly tiger because they can be incredibly dangerous. Thankfully, this one looks like a very playful tiger!

This tiger in the video is quite the spectacle! You can see how big it is just by seeing its size compared to the man. This tiger is a white tiger, which is a pigmentation variation of a Bengai tiger. When you think of a tiger, you most likely think of the Bengal tiger. They are quite big and they have the normal orange fur with black stripes. The white tiger looks very similar except the main difference is it has white fur instead of orange, but it still has black stripes. They are pretty rare animals and some can be found in zoos.

This video shows the caretaker giving this energetic tiger a bath. Being a caretaker for some tigers must be quite the scary but exhilarating job! Just watch the video and you can see why. As the man is washing off the tiger, the tiger has its paws on the man’s shoulders. The tiger completely towers over him. That is very scary when dealing with wild animals that are known to be very vicious. Thankfully, this tiger seems to have been trained well and is a very friendly tiger. As the man hoses down the tiger, the tiger is too busy pawing the man’s head and licking his hair. You can tell this tiger just loves to play all day and is probably very comfortable with this caretaker! Just looking at the big paws and mouth of the tiger playing with the caretaker’s head is pretty scary though! Thankfully this tiger just wants to have some fun during its bath!