Custodian Teacher Gets Emotional By Kindergarteners’ Birthday Gift

USATODAY_Humankind Published October 25, 2018 5,413 Plays

Rumble We have the pleasure to present you a very cute and heartwarming video today! It is about an adorable class of toddlers that surprised their favorite teacher with a special kind of gift. Their teacher has a hearing impairment and in order to be able to wish him a happy birthday, the kids decided to sing a song to them using sign language. These kindergarteners are just learning to read, but managed to learn how to sing something very special for their school’s custodian using his own language. The footage starts as the teacher walks into the classroom and finds his class of little children ready to throw him the big surprise.

The kids are standing in the middle of the class, the tables and chairs are pushed aside so that they can stand in rows just like a children’s choir. Two other teachers are present in the footage, they are both guiding the kids with the song and the lyrics of the song. We don’t think that they need guidance that much since they must have rehearsed the song before, we are more thinking that it is for them to be able to catch up if they mess up or get confused. This is due to the fact that they are really young. They did not want to let down their favorite teacher and we are sure that he will remember this moment all his life.

We can see his reaction once he is in the classroom as the toddlers are waiting for him to get closer. They caught him totally unprepared for such a surprise and as soon as he enters the room his reaction indicates that he has no idea about the surprise. The person recording the video films the kids singing in the class but also goes back to the teacher to be able to catch his reaction on camera. The cameraman does not move from where he has initially started recording, but he rotates his standing position and adjusts it in the direction of the teacher.

The camera is a bit further away from him so we can’t be sure whether tears trickled down his face due to the surge of emotions these kids provoke in him. However, we can clearly tell that he appreciates the effort. He puts one of his hand in front of his face and that is the moment where we believe his eyes got watery! This footage brings good feelings to whoever watches it. The kids are also not so sure if they are doing the right thing as there are a lot of things going on in this room, they have the other two teachers that are helping with the signs and the lyrics, the cameraman recording the scene and the teacher surprised by the kindness of the this act. Even though the kids are seen looking in every direction, they are smiling and we get a genuine feeling of kindness watching all of this. Who knows, maybe it was the kids’ idea to sing to their favorite teacher using a sign language in the process. What an adorable moment!