Lucky Fisherman Has Rare Encounter With Whale Shark

Storyful Published October 25, 2018 98 Plays

Rumble / Ocean LifeA man fishing off Stradbroke Island, in Queensland, was thrilled to encounter a curious whale shark when it swam right up to his boat on October 23. Lucas Main, from Brisbane, said the fishing had been pretty average that day, but he had “no words” to describe the incredible experience with the gentle giant. Main said the shark appeared to be enjoying the current from his boat’s motor. When asked had he jumped in and swam with the whale shark, Main said “haven’t you heard the story of Jonah, no way I was jumping in!” The ABC reported in 2016 that whale sharks were very rare in this region, with a marine biologist saying that there had only been a handful of sightings near Stradbroke Island in about 10 years. Credit: Lucas Main via Storyful