Adrenaline Junkie Shows Off His Parkour Skills At A Car Park

Caters_News Published October 22, 2018 2,288 Plays

Rumble This video is something that we can call a shocking footage as it shows an adrenaline junkie at a car park showing off his stamina and his amazing parkour skills. This controversial footage has emerged showing an athlete during one of his workouts, who went to a car park to show off his parkour skills. The man in this video is Nicholas Ortiz, a 25 years old man, resident of the city of Denver, Colorado. Given the setting of the scene, the sun was rising, so it must have been his morning workout, probably a challenge that he gave himself. He used his local parking lot for a different reason than most would imagine.

The athlete and coach used the parking lot as a climbing frame, he started with the last floor of the parking lot, that's when we see him appear on camera for the first time. We did not notice him at first but there is also a friend of his that has climbed on the outside wall of the parking lot, recording the scene from his phone as well. So not only one, but two people decided to climb this building today!

The camera is positioned downstairs in the parking, probably on top of something and that allows us to have a wide angle to see him at any moment while he is climbing down the building. He proceeds to the side of the building and immediately gets on it. He takes a little bit of time to find his balance. At that point, he is already hanging on the side of the building, holding on by the strength of his arms. He has one foot on the wall and one in the air, balancing front and back to balance himself. He decides to let go off the building and let himself fall down, immediately catching the side of the floor under. After that first leap, he realized how much distance there is and you can clearly tell he is confident because he starts to go down pretty fast. He does it until the last floor, for a total of 3 jumps.

During his last leap, someone passed riding a bike in the parking lot next to the building. You can clearly see that the biker is amazed by the scene as he does not look away from Nicholas after noticing him imitating Spiderman. He does not even look in front of him as he bikes! (We don’t think the parking lot was busy though, no worries). Nicholas is quite happy with his performance, looking at his friend recording and celebrating the success of his stunt. He is now on the ground, running back towards the camera, waving his fists in the air as a sign of happiness. We mean, we would have been really scared if we were him, we are not saying that he was not, but this is something. As he gets closer to the camera we can see him with a true smile and which gives this video clip a happy ending. Please, do not try this if you are not a good athlete, and even if you think you are, think twice before you do it.