Top Ten Kids Show Episodes That Dealt With Serious Issues

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Rumble - They may be aimed at children, but that does not mean they cannot get real. Welcome to, and today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Kids’ show episodes that dealt with serious issues. For this list, we are taking a look at episodes of kids’ shows that ventured hard into normally adult territory and heavy topics.

First is “Mother’s Day” from “Rugrats.” This show aired from 1991 to 2004, and was wildly popular during all of these years. This is one of the all-time most favorite kid shows to ever grace the screens of television. Chuckie Finster always stood out as the only Rugrat with a single parent. This episode addressed the absence of Chuckie’s mother. This was executed in a very subtle and honest way, and this is what led the episode to be nominated for very prestigious awards. The character of Chuckie only has vague memories of his mom, but he still feels a very strong connection with her. Chuckie also had the cutest voice of all the Rugrats, making him even more adorable and awed over. Chuckie tries to fill the void of not having a mom by seeking out other maternal figures, but he is ultimately drawn to the woman in his dreams appearing in a photo. Chuckie’s father then realizes that his son is old enough to know the truth and some general details about his mother. His father begins to tell him about his late mom and that she died from an illness. Chuckie ends up taking great comfort and solace in the fact that he learns his mother will always be with him in spirit.

The next episode is “Alone at Sea” from “Steven Universe.” Behind the colorful and bubbly exterior, this show has actually gotten some decently mature messages across to its young audience. One of the most unsettling episodes finds Steven trying to comfort the female character after she escapes Jasper’s clutches. Although their relationship was a recipe for a disaster, the female character ultimately reveals that she misses Jasper and that she believes they belong together. When Jasper tracks her down and asks her to refuse the two together, she is tempted to fall back into the toxic and vicious cycle. Thankfully, she ends up rejecting it with Steven’s support. The character’s words are heavy and powerful. She says, “What we had was not healthy. I never want to feel like I felt with you! Never Again! So just go.” Through this character and these interactions, the writers were able to pull off portraying the nature of abusive relationships. Not only that, but they also touch on the issue of the effects stemming from post-traumatic stress disorder. This is obviously a very deep topic, and it is definitely one that is important for everyone to learn since domestic violence is such a prevalent issue in society.

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