Top Ten Most Searched Questions On Google

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Rumble WatchMojo can make a list video about anything you can possibly imagine! They are very popular for making their lists on movies or TV shows, such as top 10 action scenes, or top 10 television finales. They also make lists about any random subjects like top 10 life hacks or even like this video here, top 10 most searched questions on google. WatchMojo always does a great job making lists because they do their research and offer an explanation as to why this particular item made their list. They spend time in their videos discussing the information behind each pick and they always find a way to entertain. Even if you don’t agree with all of their picks, they provide their reasoning for their choices! This video will be very interesting since not too many people probably know what might even be in the top google searches, there will definitely be some surprises here!

Google is the world’s renowned researching engine and is one of the most successful companies in the world. Most people use it as their search engine when online and there are definitely some interesting questions that people ask! Maybe even some of your own google searches will appear on this list! Since google is a worldwide platform, one might expect more worldwide questions to be asked, or at least non-country specific questions.

Starting this list off, is how to get pregnant. Pregnancy and childbirth are very large parts of society and people have many questions on it. You also have young kids googling this question out of curiosity. Lots of people have trouble conceiving so it is no surprise this is one of the most popular worldwide searches!

Another item that appears on their list is “When is Mother’s Day?” This is a very common question for one reason, you can’t miss this day! People are very close to their mothers and it would not look good for you if you forget the day dedicated to her. Mothers always care for their children most of their lives and brought them into this world, so it’s nice to show some appreciation! This is especially tricky since Mother’s Day doesn’t have a set date. It is often held on the second Sunday of May, therefore the date is always changing. People have to constantly google the question every year since they never know the exact date. This is definitely not a day you want to miss!

Another funny question that is often googled is “What song is this?” Most people have asked the question after hearing a song they like and don’t know the name. They either add sounds to the search like the beat of the song, or maybe lyrics they vaguely remember. It is funny that this question is so high on the list. Music is part of almost every culture and listening to music is something done all around the world. It is not surprising that people around the globe are constantly searching for unknown songs!

Continue watching the video to see more of the most popular questions on Google! We are sure you will be surprised by a few!