Top Ten Most Groundbreaking TV Shows Of All Times

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Published: October 20, 2018

These are the series that changed television forever. Welcome to, and today, we are counting down the top 10 groundbreaking TV shows of all time.
For this list, we will be looking at shows that did something new and set the stage for future shows like it.

First on the list is “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” This originally aired on the BBC. It raised the bar for broadcast comedy. This led to a stream of successful shows for the group. It was a major influence for other shows as well.

Number nine is “The Real World.” This made television shift to “reality.” Similar shows existed, but none of them achieved this success. It has had over thirty seasons and counting. The lineage of almost every reality show today can be traced back here.

The next is “Game of Thrones” debuted in 2011. It ushered in a new era and popularity for geek culture. It had a huge ensemble cast and complex storylines. The finale will be in 2019.

Next is “Seinfeld.” This came to a close in 1998 after 180 episodes. This injected new life into the stale sitcom genre. It was mega popular and successful. The cast of amoral lead characters was endearing for everyone, and proved that you can break out of the typical.

“I Love Lucy” is arguably one of the best shows that ever existed on television. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz became instant stars. This show completely changed both the landscape of television programming and comedy. The show aired from 1951-1957. Few people in America would not recognize this iconic shows and its incredible cast. The four main characters, Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred are among the most loved television characters of all time. This show undoubtedly set the standard for American sitcoms, and it had an immense impact on the next fifty years of television. The only thing viewers could possibly have to complain about this show or say anything negative about it is the fact that the entire American public wanted more of it! This was the very first scripted comedy show to be filmed on 35 millimeter film and in front of a live studio audience. This was groundbreaking at this time in our country’s television history.

Everyone involved surely did not at that time realize how important this show would be to television history. It also boasts television’s first ever ensemble cast. It is pretty much impossible to even somewhat speculate as to what the landscape of television would even look like today if this incredible show had never existed. All we can say for certain is that it would most definitely be very different, and not in a good positive way.

Fifth on the list is “The Twilight Zone.” This creepy anthology series created by radio host and writer Rod Serling holds up to this day. This show found a way to talk about race and politics that other shows had not been able to do.

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