Macaw Is Thoroughly Entertained By Its Mirror Reflection

Published October 16, 2018 1,731 Views $2.30 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsParrots are definitely very interesting birds! They can be pretty big and just normal bird sized and they can actually talk to mimic you. They can really get up to some funny things and can definitely repeat some of the funny stuff they have heard. Parrots much like the one in this video can be very comical and often move around and dance! The parrot in this video, Hope, sees himself in the mirror and has a lot of fun with it. It seems he’s often checking himself out in the mirror and you can tell his owner often places him in front of the mirror. The duo definitely seems like a great match since they both have lots of energy and Hope must have a ton of fun. The parrot is nice and big and colorful and is full of energy. Hope must be quite the character at home!

Hope is a Catalina Macaw, which is a type of parrot known for their comical behavior and their beautiful colors. In fact, Catalina Macaws are also known as Rainbow Macaws since they have a nice spectrum of colors. Hope has some beautiful feathers and is exactly what comes to mind when thinking of parrots. Nice colorful feathers with a long beak, he has a tropical look with his orange and blue-green colors. Catalina Macaws are actually bred in captivity and usually only kept by bird breeders. They are known for having a perfect mix of both of its parents bird types, and they live for almost 50 years! The duo will definitely have a long time to become comfortable with each other.

In this video, Hope is sitting on his owner's arm while facing a mirror. It must be strange for this big parrot to see himself in a mirror. What must be going through his head? Does he know it is a reflection, or does he think he is staring at another bird? It is quite interesting to see how Hope reacts to himself mirrored! Hope is constantly looking back and forth into the mirror wondering what he sees. Maybe he is checking around to see what’s near him because he is confused and is seeing someone who looks exactly like his owner in the mirror! Since his eyes are on the side of the head, he doesn’t have to look at the mirror to see in it!

He spreads his wings a bit and starts to bob his head back and forth. Soon he is bending his neck down and playing around. Poking around inside his feathers and having some fun. Maybe he is thinking to himself, “Wow I look pretty good, these feathers are beautiful!” His owner tries to get him to sing but Hope just sits and makes his feathers go up. He must really enjoy looking at himself! Hope looks like a teenager who constantly checks themselves out in the mirror trying to fix their hair! Hope seems like a super fun bird and his owner must have a blast with him!