Awesome POV Kayak Footage Shows Crystal Clear Waters

Published October 12, 2018 983 Plays

Rumble This stunning POV kayak footage shows the crystal clear waters of Norway’s lakes and fjords. Marine Researcher, Thomasz Furmanek, 44, from Bøjarnesveien, Norway, captured the incredible images and video whilst kayaking through various fjords and lakes in the Scandinavian country. Thomasz works as a freelance photographer traveling around the country, in his free time.

Kayaking is done in a small compact boat in which you are skirted in by a stretchable fabric. Kayaks are used for a variety of things such as fishing, exploring nature, and recreational use as Thomas has here. Kayaking requires a lot of skill even on the calmest of waters. To experience the waters of Norway is a treat but should not be taken lightly. To live on the side of the lake and fjords is just as dangerous as it is to kayak the water.

The confidence necessary to explore such a beautiful place is amazing. Kayaking in nature provides a touch of peace and comfortable to be that close to the environment. The environment lends itself to some of the best pictures, videos, and sights that can only be captured by being in a small boat such as a kayak. This kayak closely resembles that of a sea kayaking which is longer than recreational kayaks that are used on whitewater around the world. Sea kayaks are longer for more stability when traveling through the water. They also have more storage than whitewater for longer trips and exploration.

To be this close to beautiful mountains and capture them through pictures is breathtaking. Thomas is clearly using a camera on his helmet, which is great for safety in this types of water. The camera captures some of the most amazing mountain peaks, snow, and rocks. The different angles that this photographer is able to get provides a 360 degree view of his surroundings. How amazing is it that tree grow through mountain rock? Nature truly is a place of its own and provides stunning views that one should experience through capturing such pictures.

The animals that live in such a beautiful place as Norway get to experience the views for life. As humans, we must travel to this locations only to catch a glimpse or pictures to take back to enjoy for a lifetime. Many people have ventured so far as to live off grid in the remote location but that is rare. The mountains so high and wide and the clear water that you can see through to the bottom has marine life that are only seen in Norway waters.

Mr. Thomasz seems right at home as he floats through a majesty location that leaves you feeling the wind on your face and breathing in some of the cleanest air. An adventurous man such as Thomasz would probably even consider camping and kayaking in this beautiful location overnight. We could only be lucky to travel this locations that now allow kayaking and exploring. Thomasz, keep bringing us some of these amazing views from your travels as we enjoy seeing every breathtaking photo.