Prisoners Escape After KEY Is Left In Truck

Published October 11, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble This is the dramatic moment three prisoners escape after a bungling guard left a prison truck's engine running with the key in the ignition. The white van arrived at a court in Chumphon province, southern Thailand at 8.55am with ten suspects inside due to stand trial. But the as the blundering guard went to open the rear cage for the men, two of them ran outside in a bid for freedom. One made it onto the road while another was rugby tackled by an officer. In the melee, the guard had left the prison truck's engine running and three of the group sped away - smashing through an iron gate which fell onto another of the inmates. Police have now launched a manhunt for the three escaped prisoners - still wearing chains - who were due to stand trial for drugs and theft charges.