Creative Army Veteran Transforms Snow Into Art

USATODAY_Militarykind Published October 9, 2018 348 Plays

Rumble An injury on duty left this Army veteran in extreme pain. He channeled that pain and turned it beautifully frozen art.

Creating crafts and arts is usually about healing one’s psyche just like this brave army veteran. He was physically hurt during a stint of performing his duty which caused him chronic pain for years. What is more to this kind of pain is that it likewise creates a web of psychological pain – the more horrible pain than a physical one.

All of us get used to a particular routine and it would be a nightmare if one day, all of a sudden, we deviate from such routine. Performing a job as noble as serving one’s country must be tough but it gives the person a sense of pride that he is doing something for the good of his countrymen. Thus, imagine how frustrating would it be when, after a motorbike incident, an army veteran cannot do the usual routine he got used to.

Looking at the featured snow carvings, one could easily conclude that each creation is done with patience, endurance and creative virtuosity. These three values combined created a strong synergy that magnets the attention of anyone who have eyes upon these amazing structures in the snow. Look how detailed the figures are. The minute details of a particular sculpture takes time to create – it requires delicacy and delicate strokes to maintain fineness and daintiness. Moreover, patience is undoubtedly indispensable when creating an art like those.

Unlike an artist who paints on a canvas, this army has to endure the blistering coldness of the snow. Of course he is wearing appropriate gears but still, one has to have persistence and endurance to be able to accomplish a snow sculpture. Without a doubt, all his creations are amazingly wonderful!

The most striking part that he said in the video is: “I’m immortal now, in a way, that my art will live on.” He mentioned this after saying that he took pictures of his snow sculptures and he posted these pictures online. His point is that – for as long as the web is there, his art lives. Indeed, even if physical pain will, in the future, subdue him in that his physical strength will surrender, all these snow sculptures thrives for others to see and appreciate. He lives with his art that made those people around have a bright and vibrant day despite a gloomy snowy weather.

Another striking statement is: “And I’ve been not not hurt since then….”

The above statement is filled with courage and inspiration. He mentioned this when he was relating how he got hurt during a motorcycle incident in Mexico while he was on duty. This reminds us of an old adage about a wounded soldier where it contemplates a scenario where a soldier is wounded and this will intensify his courage and make him even fearless. In addition to this, his statement leads to finding a way to turn into useful energies the hurt one suffers from adversities in life.

If you are currently getting drowned by frustrations, grief, and catastrophic incidents, it is understandable if you take some moment and say that: “Life is unfair.” But then, when at your own pace of moving on, you give notice to the rising sun, start a new day by creating something artistic. If you think that you are not endowed with artistic talent, this might be the revealing moment that you will realize that you were underestimating yourself.


  • tootsteens, 40 weeks ago

    So inspiring! All his words are filled with inspiring and thought-provoking ideas but what struck me most - "I'm immortal now, in a way, that my art will live on."

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