Spooked Teen Catches Haunting Sounds Of Drowned Child’s Ghost On Camera

Published October 8, 2018 2,471 Plays

Rumble It’s difficult to ascertain what’s happening here. A teenager by the name of Troy Vance is in his truck with what looks like a microphone attached to a recording device. We hear an annoying scratching sound, like a train barely able to chug its way over a hilltop. Then the young man asks someone what he is smelling (“burnt meat” smell?).

“Huh?” he exclaims, “That was plain as day.”

Unfortunately for us viewers, we don’t know what was “plain as day.” There is some drama being played out here, and the man in the truck is trying to let us in on it as best he can. There’s just not a lot for an outside viewer to bite on here.

Nor is it clear why the truck should be haunted by the ghost of a “drowned boy staring at him from the front seat.” Does the truck have some mysterious history that isn’t being disclosed in this video? Maybe the owner should have called Car Fax before buying it!

In the middle of talking to the supposed entity, the young man yells, “Whoa!” several times, and then claims something just hit his truck. From our vantage point, we don’t see any abrupt movement whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what we think, since the man exits and inspects the rear of the truck.

“That got me going; that got me moving.”

“I’m done!” he shouts convincingly. We don’t see anything unusual from behind the truck, but then the subject points his camera inside the truck, where we see a German shepherd bearing rather patiently with his excited master.

“Dexter, you ready to go in, Buddy?” Dexter the German shepherd has a worried look, maybe a little like how Scooby-Doo looks when Shaggy tells him, “Don’t look now, but there’s a butler with an axe behind you!”

If we could get into Dexter’s head, we might hear something like, “Oh, boy. Here we go again.” In fact, there is one frame at 1:17, almost the end, where Dexter’s expression might be interpreted as annoyance.

Hobbies are good, and you have to admit that high technology ghost hunting is more socially acceptable than a lot of anti-social alternatives. Who wouldn’t want to go on a ghost hunt? It’s October, after all, and you can’t walk into your local grocery store, or even post office without seeing pumpkins and ghosts and stylized cardboard gravestones.

On the plus side, Troy Vance exudes a positively nerve wracking emotional. Other than his excitement, though, there just isn’t a lot of visual punch to back up what we hear. At least if we see a transparent face in the rearview mirror, or some movement in the rear window, or even burn marks in a tortilla that vaguely resemble Jerry Garcia, give us something! Mr. Vance probably has many years to hone his ghost hunting skills. Will we eventually get a voice we can hear over the scratchy sound? Will the drowned boy tell us what’s happening on the “other side”? Stay tuned to this channel fellow ghost hunters.