Persian Cat Models A Pumpkin Halloween Costume

Published October 7, 2018 1,773 Plays $4.26 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensYou can not miss this funny video where this adorable Persian kitten shows that there really is nothing that bothers him more than choosing his mistress of his Halloween costume ... apparently this little pumpkin is not very happy!

Definitely the mascots always surprise with their occurrences, tricks, intelligence, skills and in this case with their tantrums, this charming pussycat apparently was ready to go out to ask for candy or trick in the night of witches; but evidently the chosen attire was not to his liking.

This beautiful Persian named Sam is the consent of their owners and is generally very affectionate and friendly; also that looks proud and charming all the costumes chosen by its owner to go out for a walk, but apparently the most special and fun night of the year the poor kitten has not been pleased with his disguise. Will it be that he wanted to disguise the cat in boots? Or will he feel that the orange color does not favor him?

Certainly this pet will not allow you to finish placing the adorable pumpkin outfit or at least you will not do it without a fight, so it shows your dissatisfaction trying to give small bites and scratches to your owner to avoid covering your head with the complete clothing. What fun!

For its part, the owner tries to convince the rebel Sam to let him put on the costume giving him a soft touch and pampering full of love to try to soften the situation; but apparently this cute pet will not be so easy to convince!

Who will win this battle? Well we do not know, but one thing we are very sure is that that little face of tenderness and the adorable eyes of this kitten is a point in their favor ... Who did not feel conquered by this beautiful Persian pussycat?

So if your owner expects the cat to go out and ask for candy or trick, you will definitely have to choose a costume more in keeping with the attitude and personality of your pet if it is not possible to miss the Halloween fun, since this zucchini will not leave home dressed like that.

If you have one of these adorable and fighters friends at home please try not to contradict them because surely you will come out beaten and not by the scratches, bites and purrs that they do to try to intimidate you, but by the overload of tenderness that they give you with their bright eyes and their charming face ... No you can resist!

If you love cats this clip is for you, you can not stop laughing and surely your heart will melt because of Sam who has already conquered a few with his funny tantrum. So if you loved this video do not hesitate to give it a thumbs up and also share it so that many more people can have fun with the adorable Persian or just leave us your comments below.