Two-Month-Old Chihuahua Adorably Attacks 15lb Bag Of Dog Food

Newsflare Published October 4, 2018 2,113 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & Puppies - The wild Chihuahua hunting in its natural habitat. See how vicious this ruthless predator can be…all three pounds of it. There’s a reason why Chihuahuas are so popular. Their spirit is inversely proportional to their size.

Two-month old Ryder attacks the 10 pound bag of dog food with gusto. There’s no way Ryder is going to let this bag get away.

“You want a piece of me? Huh? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?”

He latches onto the paper with his little teeth and jaws, and hops backward, hoping to pop holes in the bag, thus killing it. Dogs in the wild hunt in packs. Not little Ryder. He prefers to work alone. He’s determined, too. If he can’t open the bag from the top, then he will attack its soft underbelly.

“Whew. This is wearing me out!”

Without a doubt, Ryder knows exactly what’s inside the bag. He could wait for his master to open it and pour a bowl of kibble, but this is way more fun. Besides, the Chihuahua pup is impatient. Never let a human do a pup’s job, is his motto.

It takes many attempts to wheedle the bag into submission. Persistence brings reward, goes an old Chinese saying. The little dog will not let up. He’s completely focused. After several minutes, he’s barely put a dent in the bag. She’s a tough old bag!

How long do you think Ryder can keep up the assault? It’s kind of like a lion cub trying to singlehandedly bring down a wildebeest. In other words, it may never happen. If the bag ever does open, it will probably be due to softening the paper with saliva. Indeed, the bag taunts little Ryder with mocking tones.

“Oh yeah? You’re not so tough pipsqueak,” the bag laughs.

“Are you looking at me? Are you looking at ME?” challenges Ryder in his best Robert De Niro impression. That must be Jodie Foster behind the camera, because Ryder is really trying to impress her!

You have to love the unbounded spirit of Chihuahuas. They don’t know the meaning of defeat. We are 100 times their size, and yet they will unflinchingly give their lives for us. They go out of their way to please those that love them back. And those who don’t better watch out!

If you think a Chihuahua would make the perfect pet for your life style, just remember it’s a vital and active personality, not a passive peace of furniture.