Baby Monkey Bonds With A Tortoise After Its Mom Dies

Published October 3, 2018 19,931 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsA monkey adopting a cat or another living organism – and even a human being is a story that is not unheard of. This is what makes this baby monkey’s bond to a tortoise amazingly unique! This baby monkey lost her mother and just like any other creature, it longs for the warm care of its mother. Amazingly, this baby found a motherly touch from a compassionate turtle.

Can animals speak to another animal of different kind? Certainly, they can communicate with each other through actions, gestures and show of emotions but it is intriguingly interesting to know if they can speak with each other like a pig will squeal and relay its message to a barking dog. Why is this question relevant to the video above? What came to one’s mind when watching the video is – how was this baby monkey able to make the tortoise realize that it is longing for motherly affection? If they can talk to each other, it would surely be easier for this young soul to express how it feels lonely and lost after mother monkey was killed. If they cannot talk then it would be tougher to convey the message with details.

Well, who knows if it is tougher or not? As the old adage goes – action speaks louder than words. In this case, the premises mentioned above do not hold true. Monkeys are social beings and as such, they possess skills to convey their messages. On the other end of the interaction, this tortoise is sensitive to the needs of other living creatures that it instantly got what the baby monkey needs. What is more interesting about this video is on the part of the tortoise. Tortoise are not known to nurture their young. A baby tortoise is basically born independent as it is left by its mother after laying eggs. Then perhaps, the more intriguing question to ask, as compared to the question posed above, is do tortoise have maternal instincts as opposed to what some people believe that they don’t?

This question will make one watch the video again and note whether love is present while the tortoise is interacting with the baby monkey. Check again and see – maybe, it is a one way traffic of affection in that only the baby monkey is caressing the tortoise and the latter have no other way of reacting than to simply allow the baby monkey to touch it. Watching it again, this time more kin about how these two creatures are interacting, it can be observed that the baby monkey embraces and touches the tortoise as if it is its mom. How about the tortoise. Well, it does not move in a way that it show love or affection to the monkey but is it not a fact that if the tortoise does not like the monkey then it can simply shrink its head into its hard shell beyond the baby’s access? Then, it must be safe to conclude that this tortoise developed a special bond with the baby monkey. Maybe, that is just how tortoises are – not showy about their love.

Summing it up, this video is a video of love and compassion; a video that is worth watching over again whenever we start losing hope about the existence of love and compassion.


  • tootsteens, 1 year ago

    This video is heart-melting. Baby monkey is so pitiful to have lost its mom.

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