Loyal Dog Leads Truck Driver to Injured Owner in California

StoryfulPublished: October 2, 2018Updated: October 3, 2018211 views
Published: October 2, 2018Updated: October 3, 2018

California resident Martin Hall Jr captured video of a dog on an isolated dirt road in Mariposa County on September 23. The dog refused to leave with Hall, who realized the canine was trying to protect her owner, who had fallen and injured himself. Hall, who is a tow truck driver, had driven to Coulterville for a job he eventually had to decline. While on his way back home, he took a detour and ran into what he thought was a lost canine. Hall tried feeding and calling the dog to convince her to leave with him, but the dog wouldn’t leave. Eventually, Hall noticed a few items on the ground and heard a faint voice. Hall moved towards the animal and found a 67-year-old man lying in the dirt field. Next to him was a second dog, according to reports. The elderly man had fallen on a rock during his morning walk and was unable to get up, likely due to a broken hip, according to reports. His two pets had stayed with him and refused to leave his side. The injured man first told Hall to call his wife for help, but the woman was unable to help. Hall ended up calling 911 and got an ambulance for the injured man. While they waited Hall shaded and comforted the man and his dogs, according to reports. Credit: Martin Hall Jr via Storyful

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